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Lotto Outlet Sells Minimum of P700,000 of Lotto Tickets a Week

richardjosephsiy I have a fellow Lotto Agent who regularly sells a minimum of P700,000 a week even when the Lotto Jackpot is only at the minimum jackpot amount.

During 2009’s Highest Lotto Jackpot of P347,000,000, his sales for that week that the P347,000,000 was won amounted to about P2,200,000. A Lotto agent gets 5% of the daily PCSO Lotto ticket sales. He grosses more than P100,000 a month. His rent is only P18,000/month and he has 2 operators. You can compute his Net Income a month!!!!!!

Not bad for a business that requires only 2 people plus the owner to run it!!!!

If you are interested to know more about How to Set-up and Operate a Lotto outlet from somebody who operates his own Lotto Outlet, I offer a Consultation fee of only P2,000 per head (Group discount rates available) and during our Talk, you will learn about:

1. How to Choose a Lotto Site (and the recent development involving the setting-up of Lotto Outlets)

2. How to Apply with the PCSO

3. What to do if your application is disapproved

4. How to Operate a Lotto Outlet

5. How to Choose your personnel

6. How to Prevent Fraud and Internal Control in the Lotto Business

I can be reached at 0922-8831225 or 514-2905.

38 Responses to “Lotto Outlet Sells Minimum of P700,000 of Lotto Tickets a Week”

  1. Hi, im ineterested. But how much will be the initial capital for it. 100K to a Half a million? feel free to contact me. 09157283065

    • HI CYRUS. it will depend on the type of outlet (mall or not) and whether you will hav eto past a cash bond or not. Assuming you do have to post a cash bond and not in the mall, P50,000 would be ok.

  2. sir ung cash bond ba anung use? pag ng cash bond ako ng 300k(300k nlng kc ngaun db not 500k), mas malaki ba ung kikitain ko kesa sa dun sa cash bond na mas maliit?

    • hi mark. thanks for visiting my blog. ang purpose ng cash bond in case msira ng lotto operator ung lotto termina na kasalanan ng operator (at hindi wear and tear) at in case hindi ngremit ung lotto agent/operator ng lotto sales na pagaari ng pcso. wala connection ung cash bond sa kita o income ng lotto business.

      para malaman mu lahat tungkol sa lotto operation, may offer ako na consulation on How to Setup and Operate Your Own Lotto Outlet. Ang fee para sa 2hour session ay P2000 per person. Covered lahat ng topic tungkol sa lotto mula sa paghanap ng pwesto, Ang Tamang Paraan Pag-apply sa PCSO hanggang sa Actual Operations.

      • HI sir dun sa Php 2,000 lahat na ng mga concerns and procedures sa pag franchise lotto andun na po san po ang seminar? i have a budget po kasi sa lotto franchise okay na po ba ang 100k lahat lahat na po including yung pwesto, fees and yung sinasabing cash bond?

      • HI MARK. YES P100k is more than enough so long as you do not locate in a top 3 mall. As for my Consultation, yes I will discuss How to Evaluate a Site for Lotto, The Proper Way to Apply with the PCSO, Actual Operations, Fraud Prevention (external and by employees), How to Compete Against other Lotto Outlets and more. I will share with you my experience as a Lotto Agent. Just text me at 0922-8831225.

  3. hi where do you conduct seminars?

  4. hi. interesado ako, 50K pwd na? paano ung hatian nun? salamat!

  5. meron po bang daily sales requirement ang isang lotto outlet

    • HI estela. thank you for visiting my blog. It is only when you have more than 1 machine will you be required to have a sales quota. To know more about the lotto business, text “Lotto” and your full name to 0922-8831225 and know more about how to avail of my Consultation of HOw to Setup and Operate YOur Own Lotto Outlet.

  6. hi mam, just wanna ask how much it cost to set a lotto outlet, 50k po ba pwede na? or below? im interested kxe mgtau ng lotohan and to attent to ur seminar but i want to know first sana kung magkano pwede magastos lahat lahat before mginquire senyo tnx plz reply

    • gilbert, yes p50,000 is enough to setup a lotto outlet. If you want to attend my consultation seminar, just text me at 0922-8831225.

  7. Hi sir, ang 50k ba enough to set up an outlet plus the 300k cash bond? So all in all mga 350k pag di sa top 3 malls. Tnx Larry

    • yes but there are other considerations that you have to consider before you can start a lotto business which I discuss in more detail during my How to Setup and Operate Your Own Lotto Outlet (0922-8831225)

  8. sir ask lang po how come na 50k is enough kung may 300k na cash bond? wala na bang mas mababa sa 300k na bond?
    i will attend your seminar as long na maluwag na sched ko, gusto ko kasi magkaroon ng outlet.

    • I will explain to you during my One on one Consultation on how to compute total cash out to setup a lotto outlet. Just text me when you are free.

  9. Hi
    I’m really interested sa lotto outlet. But I’m confused about how much is now the exact amount for cashbond, other fees and so on. Gusto ko muna malaman, so that I can decide and also consult with you if I can franchise one.


    • Getting a lotto outlet is quite affordable as it is much cheaper than getting a siomai house or zagu franchise. how much capital are you willing to put=up for a new business?

  10. Hi there, saan po usually venue ng consultation meeting with you? I’m from the province po kasi.


  11. Hi sir, I have already a place to put a lotto outlet…can you text me 09175070034 or 5501299 or you can send to my email add merla_transaeromar@yahoo.com

  12. hi sir! what about the cash bond…do i really have to pay for it in cash? kasi i’ve reading several articles/blog already and i always see the term cash bond of around 300thousand…so it makes me wonder kung pano nangyari na 50thousand is enough already. could u pls send your reply on my email. thanks

  13. Hello Sir, this is quite old blog but I hope you can still see my message. I’m interested in this business so I need advice. Please reach me via email.

  14. Hi there, plan namin mag lagay ng lotto outlet sa isang SM mall. Do you have email address so I can talk to you in private?

  15. Hi do you still offer consulatations?

  16. hi good day..im just curious i have my 80k here and ready to set up my lotto otlet but im also interested in your consultation,,, tingin nyo po ba 80k is enough?if outside the mall?please reply me to my email tnx po

  17. Boss,,ano ba no. mo globe or smart?

  18. Hi, i live in the island where no lotto outlets are available. I know my folks are great target since my mga illegal n patayaan ng lotto sa amin. My concern is, including all the fees in pcso and the fees for the construction of the booth, what would be the average cost. The rental space is not a prob.

    • The booth is not expensive as you can make do with 2-3 sqm assuming only 1 lotto terminal. Fees to the pcso will depend on which bond they will require you to post. A cash bond is about p300,000.

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